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All guides listed on this website are Professional members of the Institute of Australian Tour Guides. The information here is provided by the guides themselves to promote their skills and services. IATG professional tour guides have been assessed to meet the high standards set by the organisation and continue to demonstrate ongoing professional development as part of their membership of IATG each year, including holding a current First Aid certificate.

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Tour Manager

Virginia Barres
Address: QLD
Linda Monmouth
Address: NSW

Linda has worked in the tourism industry for many years, and maintained excellent customer and client liaisons.

“I’ve always enjoyed working in a ‘people-focused’ industry and travel has been my motivator – what better way to combine both needs. The world of travel is an exciting one and it’s my ambition to ensure that everyone is as excited as I am in achieving a first class vacation in a first class tourist destination,” says Linda.

Linda often organises tour guide familiarisations to further her knowledge and appreciation of Australia, it also helps to build her network. Her experience in this industry includes all major tourism attractions in Sydney and nationally; she has worked for many cruise companies and inbound operators on incentive programs and overland tours throughout Australia. She is also a practising member of IATG (Institute of Australian Tour Guides) and PTGAA (Professional Tour Guides Association Australia) and IATM (International Association of Tour Managers) and GoA (Guides of Australia).

Lesley Neil
Address: NSW