Employment Guidelines

Looking for an Australian tour guide?

All guides listed on this website are Professional members of the Institute of Australian Tour Guides – specialists who are dedicated to providing high standards of tourism service throughout Australia.

By employing IATG members you are assured of professional services to your clients.

IATG professional membership is offered only through rigorous criteria and our guides must demonstrate ongoing professional development, including a Senior First Aid Certificate and Working with Children Check, for membership renewal each year.

This ensures IATG guides can be hired with full confidence.
In addition, commentary will be researched, interpretative, topical and interesting.

Our professional guides’ knowledge and experience in handling unforeseen incidents is vital to the wellbeing of the groups they lead.

IATG contributes to the ongoing development of its members in the folllowing areas:

  • promotes and maintains the highest standards of competence, integrity and professional conduct of its members
  • arranges familiarisations, educational lectures and workshops for members, to facilitate their professional development
  • promotes adherence to a code of practice, liaises with tourism industry participants and industry associations on matters of common concern
  • informs its members of changes and other matters of importance in the tourism industry through distribution of regular newsletters and other communications.

IATG standards for professional membership

Our organisation sanctions the following terms for employment of professional tour guides:

  • IATG recommends that our qualified, accredited and assessed guides are free to accept and/or set any rate they see fit
  • It is expected that operators/contractors will reimburse travel expenses to/from the city or return from: Glebe Island, White Bay, airport (out of hours) etc.