Code of Practice

This Code of Guiding Practice outlines the responsibilities and standards of behaviour expected of Tour Guides working within Australia.

  1. To provide a professional service to visitors -professional in care and commitment, and professional in providing an objective understanding of the place visited – free from prejudice or propaganda.
  2. To ensure that every effort is made to present true and accurate facts and ensure that a clear distinction is made between this truth and stories, legends, traditions, or opinions.
  3. To act honestly, fairly and professionally in all dealings with all those who engage the services of guides and with colleagues working in all aspects of tourism.
  4. Ensure that guided groups treat with respect the natural, cultural and heritage environments, and minimise impacts on these at all times.
  5. As representatives of Australia, to welcome visitors and act in such a way as to bring credit to the country and promote it as a tourist destination.
  6. Regularly update and upgrade my guiding skills and knowledge through training and professional development activities.
  7. Never force visitor purchases or solicit tips.
  8. Be mindful at all times of duty of care and other health and safety issues
  9. Provide all goods and services as presented in the tour itinerary and promotional material.
  10. Abide by all national, state or territory legislation governing the operation and conduct of tours, tour operators and tour guides.